March 11, 2015 laresistance 0

Post Views: 228   Spanish banking giant Santander decided in February 2015 that it would no longer offer future financing to Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Limited (APRIL), a Singapore-based pulp and paper company accused […]

Climate Change

The Green Agent Provacateur

March 1, 2015 laresistance 0

Post Views: 201   Dressed as “Ken dolls” and wearing tuxedos, Greenpeace activists breached Mattel’s California headquarters in 2011 with a strategically-placed banner that read: “Barbie: It’s Over…I Don’t Date Girls That Are Into Deforestation.” […]

Climate Change

Greenpeace’s Annus Horribilis

September 29, 2014 laresistance 0

Post Views: 249   Did you ever have such a bad day you’d do just about anything to be able to hit a rewind button so you could start all over? It’s happened to everyone […]