The False Trade of Fankincense in Indonesia

October 23, 2013 laresistance 0

Post Views: 125   Land conflicts between PT Toba Pulp Lestari (TPL) and the residents of Pandumaan Sipituhuta, Hasundutan Humbang District in North Sumatra, Indonesia flared up in February 2013 over dubious claims of frankincense […]

Climate Change

Last Gasp for the Climate Change Crowd?

September 28, 2013 laresistance 0

Post Views: 178   Today the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) on Climate Change. The subtitle of this year’s report was “The Physical Science Basis.” Huh? […]


Russia 1; Greenpeace 0

September 25, 2013 laresistance 0

Post Views: 190   In the wake of a drama on the high-seas in which Russian authorities seized the Greenpeace campaign vessel Arctic Sunrise, Russian investigators announced on September 24, 2013 that they intend to […]

Climate Change

The Global NGO Campaign Shift

August 18, 2013 laresistance 0

Post Views: 267   On 23 May 2013 in an online meeting between Bill McKibben, the founder of, and Greenpeace the relationship between the two groups was amazingly revealed to the world. Besides the […]

Climate Change

Global Warming Platform Sinks Sink

March 13, 2013 laresistance 0

Post Views: 231   The climate change crowd did not have a good morning yesterday. Well, at least those who pay attention to grass-roots politics in a bellwether Florida congressional district. But if the global […]