Climate Change

Greenpeace’s Annus Horribilis

September 29, 2014 laresistance 0

Post Views: 192   Did you ever have such a bad day you’d do just about anything to be able to hit a rewind button so you could start all over? It’s happened to everyone […]

Climate Change

Pride and Prejudice, Green Style

July 24, 2014 laresistance 0

Post Views: 154   It is a truth – now universally acknowledged – that the modern environmental movement has become the new home of communism. My apologies, dear Jane, but I just could not resist […]

Climate Change

The Global NGO Campaign Shift

August 18, 2013 laresistance 0

Post Views: 267   On 23 May 2013 in an online meeting between Bill McKibben, the founder of, and Greenpeace the relationship between the two groups was amazingly revealed to the world. Besides the […]