Hunter shot dead during wild boar hunt in France



A 60-year old man has been shot dead while hunting wild boar in southeastern France in an incident which once again spotlights the country’s problem with shooting accidents.

The accident took place on Saturday morning at around 10 am in France’s south eastern Var department.

The victim, who according to French press reports had around 30 years of hunting experience, was hit in the chest, prosecutor Bernard Marchal, told Var-Matin.

A total of around 15 hunters were taking part in the wild boar hunt, during which some of them were stationed at watchtowers.

According to local police, it appears the victim was accidentally shot by one of his fellow hunters.

'It's like the Wild West': Tales of life in rural France during the hunting season
Photo: AFP

The gendarmes told the French press that one of the hunters found the man lying on the ground with his rifle at his side.

On average there are around 20 deaths each year during France’s hunting season. In recent years, The Local has reported how joggers, hikers, mushroom pickers, motorists, even gardeners have routinely been killed by stray bullets from rifles that were meant to kill wild boars, deer or pheasants.

And our readers have also told us their stories of how the hunting season ruins the peace, tranquility and the feeling of safety for those living in rural France.

“I grew up learning how not to go outdoors during hunting season, making sure to wear brightly coloured clothes and pretty much being terrified of getting shot during those times because it’s something that sadly happens very regularly,” Julia Kornig, who grew up in the Vauclause, told The Local.


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