A Tale of Two Cities

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Sometimes lovingly called the “Redneck Riviera,” that topographically consistent (by no means is it a seemingly endless reach of southern pine forest) stretch of North American geography from Jacksonville, Florida to Mobile, Alabama along Interstate 10, two weeks ago experienced a rare weather event: actual snowfall! The dusting of snow was accompanied by an ice storm that forced the closure of bridges, roads, schools, and businesses and generally disrupted the Florida Panhandle’s normally tranquil Southern lifestyle.  For the first time in a decade, the southern beaches of Pensacola had a dusting of white snow atop their white sands.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, a snowfall beginning around noon led to commuter havoc when schools and businesses closed early, launching roughly five million drivers onto icy roads all at one time. As the snow and slush continued to fall, freezing into ice sheets, the traffic jam got progressively worse.  By evening, the metro area was littered with jack-knifed tractor trailers and vehicles abandoned by folks who just gave up. Observers could be heard to remark that the roads resembled a scene from The Walking Dead.

But the roads were not the only mode of transportation thrown into chaos in Atlanta. At Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the world’s busiest air hub, nearly 2,000 flights were cancelled over a period of 48 hours. This, added to some 4,000 flights cancelled in other cities, led to thousands of travelers stranded across the country.

The Deep South’s resemblance to the frozen Ninth Circle of Hell is unusual, to say the least; but, is it conclusive proof of global warming / climate change (GWCC)?

Of course it is!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the FACT of man-made global warming (and yes, it is a fact… no matter how many failed predictions its adherents have made) it’s that EVERYTHING proves the reality of GWCC! Is the winter particularly cold? Must be global warming… somehow. Is your summer particularly hot? That’s global warming too. Is your Spring and/or Autumn wetter and/or dryer than usual? Algae bloom? Fish die off? Global warming all. From mangrove trees spreading in Florida to bats dying in Australia, there’s no telling where (or how) global warming will strike. It’s fair to say that there is hardly a single event in the natural world that GWCC didn’t have a hand in.

Sarcasm aside, it’s just the weather, people; a natural feature of the Earth. The truth is as it always has been: some years will be warmer or colder than others. Some decades will be warmer or colder than others. Some centuries will be warmer or colder than others.

When East Anglia University’s climate “scientists” got caught trying to suppress facts that demonstrated that reality, it quite rightly created a scandal.   The so-called Climate Gate showed definitively that GWCC pushers have no qualms about excluding any fact that does not fit their preconceptions. It showed that rank and file GWCC believers will accept as Gospel anything that fits their prejudices without applying basic reason, let alone academic criticism to hyper-emotional psuedoscience that serves as their religion. It irrevocably tainted any policy recommendations that GWCC adherents or their patrons in the political establishment might make, as GWCC had (quite rightly) lost the right to even pretend to be based on science. After all, there’s a word for spending trillions of dollars all on the basis of the pseudoscientific theories of advanced by known liars and frauds: stupidity.

So where did that leave the uncharacteristically frosty American South? In the throes of an uncharacteristically frosty winter. Nothing less, and nothing more.

By: Scott H. Gray

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