The Grinch Was Green Too

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During this season when most of us are telling each other “Peace on Earth and goodwill towards Men,” Greenpeace UK has a different message for the world: “Christmas has been canceled and Santa’s going to die.” Well, Merry f-ing Christmas to you too!

As part of Greenpeace’s “Save the Arctic” campaign, in an online video,

actor Jim Carter of “Downton Abbey” fame portrays the “Jolly Old Elf” as disheveled, haggard, and trapped in the basement of an East German prison circa 1980. With pained tone and expression, Mr. Carter announces that the leaders of the world have ignored “Santa’s” pleas to stop the supposedly melting ice, and that as a consequence Christmas has been canceled. The video ends with the classic Greenpeace appeal to “take action” and, of course, there’s a link where one could donate.

Ah yes, appealing to the emotions of the ignorant in order to trick them into supporting a purposefully vague and ultimately destructive, pseudo-scientific, leftist political agenda. This season truly brings out the best in us all.

Needless to say Greenpeace’s narrative is a complete lie. 2013 was a banner year for Arctic ice. As of this moment, much of North America is experiencing a major seasonal cold snap. And scientists in Antarctica have just recently recorded the coldest natural temperature on Earth. If anything, the only problem facing Santa’s workshop is not having enough heat. After all, with all the lumps of coal he has to put in stockings of the humbugs at Greenpeace he might just run out!

Enough is enough. From breaking into French power plants, to forcing their way onto Russian drilling platforms, to having Finnish ministers in their pocket, and now even using a phony Santa to push their tripe, this year has seen Greenpeace clearly embrace an increasingly violent, and frankly downright bizarre, path.

And the world is taking notice. In both America and in Canada, Greenpeace has been handed legal defeats. In Russia, the firm determination of the Russian authorities to deal with the Arctic Sunrise crew as exactly what they are: criminal, can only be applauded. In Australia, legislation allowing Greenpeace to be held accountable for the damages caused by their lie-based boycotts is on the table. And, in New Zealand, Greenpeace’s very right to call itself a charity has rightfully been revoked.

It would seem that it is Greenpeace who is on the “naughty list.” And, until they return to a path of peace, honesty, integrity, reason, and frankly sanity, that’s exactly where they should stay.

By: Benjamin Wolinski

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