From Amsterdam to India: Nothing Sticks on Greenpeace

Source: The Guardian


On June 23rd of this year, UK publications The Daily Mail and The Guardian both ran stories detailing the revelation that Pascal Husting, a senior executive at Greenpeace International, would several times a month commute by commercial airline from his family home in Luxembourg to his place of employment at Greenpeace International’s head office in Amsterdam. Greenpeace has made strong statements against air travel in general, discouraging virtually all use of the fuel using, carbon emitting, prosperity bringing industry.

Since this revelation, and even though there have been statements in support of Mr. Husting and his jet setting ways by such green luminaries as John Sauven, Greenpeace UK’s Executive Director, and the organization’s international executive director, Kumi Naidoo, Mr. Husting has pledged to make his trips to Amsterdam via train.

Despite the obvious and legitimately disturbing hypocrisy on the parts of Mr. Husting and the rest of Greenpeace’s senior leadership on display in this story, a high Poobah of the international leftist/environmentalist establishment getting his proverbial hand caught in the high-carbon cookie jar does indeed have a decidedly comical edge to it.

These comical elements all but vanish, however, when seen in light of the recent revelation that a Greenpeace employee lost some £3 million of donated funds by taking out contracts that speculated on international currency markets. While Greenpeace adamantly maintains that the loss was due to the actions of a lone employee who acted without authorization, The Guardian article points out that the same leaked documents that brought the financial loss to light also reveal that the senior leadership at Greenpeace International has been aware of the sorry state of its financial department for some time. They are not just hypocrites, they are incompetent to boot. Furthermore, were such financial malfeasance committed by a bank, corporation, or a more transparent non-profit, surely heads would roll. Not so at Greenpeace.

But most disturbing of all is a recent report by the Indian Intelligence Bureau (in which Greenpeace features prominently and by name) that cites the actions by foreign NGOs as being responsible for a 2-3% drop in the GDP of the nation of India.  The report states with regard to Greenpeace that the international organization “is assessed to be posing a potential threat to national economic security … growing exponentially in terms of reach, impact, volunteers and media influence… [t]he efforts are focused on ‘ways to create obstacles in India’s energy plans’ and to pressure India to use only renewable energy.” The Indian security services are rightly concerned about a foreign organization so intimately and extensively tied in with the politics and power of Europe that they can only laughingly be referred to as “non-governmental.”

When seen together, these three stories paint a picture of Greenpeace as an organization where the mismanagement by hypocritical leaders is one of the few saving graces for any developing nation unfortunate enough to be in Greenpeace’s crosshairs. These stories together demonstrate less that the upper echelons of the international leftist establishment mean to “rule” us; they also demonstrate just what sort of rulers they would be: Systematically incompetent elitists who are willing to sacrifice the welfare of entire nations on the altar of an ideology they have no self-originating intention of living out themselves.

By: Benjamin Wolinski

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