Third hottest July in France since 1900

Average July 2018 temperatures in north of country equal to expected norms for the month in the south

credit: connexionfrance


July was the third hottest in France since 1900, according to official figures – with average temperatures in the north equal to expected norms in the south of the country.

Last week’s scorching temperatures confirmed existing data of national forecaster Météo France, which was already saying that 2018 ranked behind only 1983 and 2006 as the warmest on record.

Northern areas experienced abnormally high temperatures, the forecaster said. In Lille, the provisional average temperature – with two days’ data yet to be collected – was 28C, the norm for Toulouse at this time of year; while Paris’s average is set to be between 29C and 30C – expected temperatures for July in Perpignan.

The north also experienced drought conditions not seen since the summer of 2006. Calais, Amiens, Lille and Dieppe have had less than 20mm of rain since June 1.

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