In a Rousing Speech Le Pen Vows Never to “Submit” to Merkel, EU Elites

Source: Express


MARINE Le Pen delivered a rousing speech last night promising that as French President she will not take instructions from Angela Merkel nor beg for her approval.

Marine Le Pen continued her fight for the French Presidency, as she laid her policies to put her country’s sovereignty first and foremost.

In a rallying cry to a crowd in Clairvaux-Les-Lacs, Ms Le Pen said she will not bow down to Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Juncker.

She said that for too long nationals leaders had to ask for permission from the German Chancellor before announcing any action.

The Front National leader told a cheering crowd last night: “What will be the first thing these presidential candidates will do?

“They will go and see Mrs Merkel and ask: ‘Mrs Merkel is it right to do this? Is it right to do that?'”

She added: “Merkel and Juncker are the perpetuators of this dominance.

“You will see that. They will all make the same trip to Brussels to ask for instructions and permission.

“But I won’t. I will not ask for instructions from Mrs Merkel! Not from Mr Juncker! Nor from Mr Draghi! I will not submit.”

Ms Le Pen, who has continued to rise in the presidential polls, is all but guaranteed to enter the second-round of the election.

Ms Le Pen currently holds around 27 per cent of support among voters.

However, a concerted effort across the traditional parties could thwart her bid to become yet another eurosceptic leader on the continent.

In a survey this week from French thinktank CEVIPOF, the Front National leader came out on top as the candidate “who really wants to change things”.

Her polling has also been boosted following a surge of violence across France.

The alleged rape of a young black man at the hands of the police in the Paris suburbs has provoked a spate of violent protests.

Ms Le Pen has criticised the Government’s response to the violence on the streets.

She has called on officials to ban all anti-police riots.

She popularised the hashtag ‘#JesoutiensLaPolice,’ which means ‘I back the police’.

Her Front National party said: “In a context marked by the fight against Islamist terrorism, a state of emergency, riots in certain suburbs, we are staggered by the government’s silence and inaction.”

Source: Daily Express

By: Oli Smith

19 February 2017

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