TF1’s “Resistance” Views Anti-Nazi Fight through Eyes of Teenagers

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MEMORY – TF1 has decided to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Paris with a clean stone. On Monday, May 19, at 8:55 pm, the channel will unveil its new event series, “Resistance”. For the first time, this period of history will be approached through the eyes of adolescents. Produced by Ilan Goldman (“La Rafle”) and written by Dan Franck, the program will highlight the fight of a youth died for France during the Second World War. A tribute, whose writer unveils the undertones at metronews.

An author specializing in the subject
Who better than Dan Franck could take command of Resistance. The writer has indeed studied the subject very much since he participated in Jean Moulin, a Yves Boisset telefilm with Charles Berling. He also counted in his works The Adventures of Boro, reporter photographer, a series of novels written in collaboration with Jean Vautrin. “I was led to meet great resistance fighters such as Jean Frydman and Ravanel before his death,” reveals the writer, whose grandfather was also resistant and whose war papers he kept. However, documentation work was necessary for the series, in particular in collaboration with AERI, an organization of former resistance fighters.
An innovative angle
If the French resistance has been a subject repeatedly treated on television or in cinema, the historical series of TF1 has nothing to do with its predecessors. Ilan Goldman, producer of the program, chose to tell this period from an innovative angle, that of youth. ” The idea was therefore to tell the young people’s commitment, but not to make politics. We are not talking about Jean Moulin, or about the relationship between the Gaullists and the Communists. It is not the subject, but rather the acts, ‘explains Dan Franck, who has been more interested in the psychology of young resistants. ” What interested me was knowing what was going on in the heads of these kids, who are 17 years old. In scout camps, they were taught to throw grenades using stones, or to shoot, by training with tree branches. How do they do when, ten days later, they found themselves with real weapons to shoot down the Germans? “He asked during the design of the six episodes.
Between fiction and reality
Resistance is based on historical facts, the series has even granted certain freedoms in the scenario. Some characters have been invented for the needs of fiction. “All the stories told are true,” says Dan Franck. The main character, Lili (Pauline Burlet), is an invention without being one. It borrows from others. There were many girls like her. ” That the viewers reassured, the screenwriter also drew his inspiration from real personalities: “The Kid (César Domboy) or Jeannot (Tom Hudson) existed. The latter is in fact Jean Frydman, who was later one of the founders of Europe 1 ”. The writer confesses, nevertheless, that they have ” sometimes attributed actions that were not theirs ”, but that did take place.
A promising young cast
Besides the presence of great figures of the cinema such as Richard Berry (the father of Lili), Fanny Ardant (the Countess) and Isabelle Nanty (Paulette, the tenancière of a brothel), the series is mainly carried by a new generation of Promising players. The main role, Lili, is carried by Pauline Burlet. The Belgian, barely 18 years old, was revealed in La Môme, where she interpreted Edith Piaf younger, or The Past of Asghar Farhadi. César Domboy, he made his arms in the series Borgia and in the film The Princess of Montpensier. Another name to remember is Tom Hudson, who received the Men’s Young Hope Award at the last La Rochelle Festival for Leakage. The public is warned however: Resistance is a fiction where many characters come to die. An act of courage still and always welcomed 70 years later.

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