France Deports Radical Islamic Cleric Back to Switzerland

Source: Swiss Info


French authorities said they had expelled an Islamic preacher with extremist beliefs back to his home country of Switzerland, AP reported Sunday [9 April].

Police detained Hani Ramadan as he attended a conference in Colmar, in northeastern France close to the border with Switzerland, and escorted him back to his home country, according to the French interior ministry.

 Ramadan is “known in the past to have adopted a behavior and made comments which pose a serious threat to public order on the French soil,” the ministry said.
Swiss authorities banned him from teaching in schools in 2002 after he openly defended the stoning of adulterers.

Ramadan is the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the brother of Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan.


By: Gašper Završnik

10 April 2017

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