Frankenthal, Germany: 29-Year-Old Egyptian Asylum Seeker Stabs Four While Fleeing Unpaid Bar Tab

Source: Fdesouche


“Tonight, 12 March 2017, around 7 pm, a 29-year-old Frankenthal resident has wounded several passers-by in the Frankenthal city center. This 29-year-old Egyptian attended a bar [shisha bar, another source] in the evening near Willi-Brand Park. He wanted to leave this bar without paying his drinks. The boss ran after him and stopped him in front of the bar. The man then took out a knife and fled in the direction of the city center. According to what is known at present, four people were attacked by the fugitive and injured with a knife. These injuries are not of a serious nature.

The 29-year-old man was arrested by the police.

The police investigation is underway. ”

Translated from

12 March 2017

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