ISIS Issues Chilling Video Threat against Antwerp Train Station

Source: The Daily Mail


Security has been ramped up at a Belgian train station after an ISIS militant filmed himself there threatening to cop off the heads of civilians and fill the streets with blood.

Islamic State issued the sick threat to Belgium warning an attack on the country is imminent in an eerie video, which starts with a militant showing a piece of paper reading ‘we are still here’, and shows a terrorist walking through Antwerp.

It is filmed in and around the city’s Central Station where police are desperately scouring CCTV footage in an attempt to identify the man behind the camera as extra officers have been deployed.

With Islamic chanting in the background,  threats to chop off civilians’ heads and fill the streets with blood.

Ahmet S Springs, a senior research fellow and Professor of criminology, law and society at George Mason University released the video, which was shared via ISIS’ telegram app.

The former counter-terrorism police chief, who is an expert on the terror group, said chanting in Turkish featured in the video says: ‘We honed our knives, coming at you, we will chop off your heads and fill the streets with blood.’

Mr Springs said it was the same chanting used for propaganda videos for the Istanbul attack in which Adbulkadir Masharipov gunned down 39 people at a nightclub.

Local press have reported an increase in police officers at the station today after the video surfaced.

‘The police will take the necessary steps to place the Central Station additional supervised pending research and threat analysis of OCAD,’ spokesman Sven Lommaert told VTN.

‘We are obviously examining the camera images of the station.’

The video shows the man walking along the street outside the station as people pass him on bikes, in cars and on foot.

It cuts off just before he enters the main hall of the station.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, leader of ISIS, has been at the helm of the terror group as it carried out a number of attacks in Europe.

Source: The Daily Mail

By: Gareth Davies

3 March 2017

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